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Only C$289.99

Designed for professionals, beauty therapists,  and dermal clinicians, a new treatment option to add to your clinic. Gives skin a nice healthy glow by removing surface dead skin/keratinized skin cells. Removes dead skin cells, leaving skin feeling soft, smooth allowing make up to glide on effortlessly and increasing skincare absorption in the deeper layers of the skin. Great for sensitive skin types, rosacea, redness, visible facial veins, and pregnant women.

Non-abrasive method of skin rejuvenation. Can be used in conjunction with other treatments. Plus, Microdermabrasion is a brilliant treatment to add to client care plans with minimal overhead costs


Safety procedure and infection control, Advanced consultation, treatment and aftercare process. Recognize treatment contraindications. Learn correct handling of microdermabrasion machines, provide an outstanding client experience from beginning to end.

This masterclass will empower you to feel confident while performing microdermabrasion.


Full program includes advance PRO softcopy book, comprehensive kit (over 55 items, from microdermabrasion machine, tips, products, and more), service waivers, Protocols, and much more

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Jo-Anne Beurah

"I absolutely loved this course! so happy I added this service into
my beauty business."

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