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4.0 RETINOL COMPLEX RX | Encapsulated Bioderm

4.0 RETINOL COMPLEX RX | Encapsulated Bioderm


Advance active serum with a high percentage of active ingredients selected to treat hyperpigmentation, melasma, sun spots, scarring and anti-aging. This bio-phase slow release retinol is perfect to treat dermal pigmentation without adverse reactions. Medical Pharmaceutical grade


This is a treatment serum with 4% retinol, its microencapsulated and slo released into your skin, you have to phase it into your skin over 7 weeks, The 1st week you will only use it one day, and then the next week 2 days a week, and so on untill you reach every day by the 7th week. 


Skin Tip: This product will make you peel , the degree of peeling will vary from person to person, but your skin regeneration rate is kicked into high gear so you will notice some changes fast. 


Precaution: Only used at night time, and must wear a SPF. Must phase the product in as mentioned above.

  • Ingredients

    • Retinol– Anti-Age & Pigmentation in capsulated and slow release form
    • Bisobolol - Soothing, and calming
    • Peptide– palmitoyl tripeptide -5
    • Vitamin E – Hydrating and Anti-Age
    • Resveratrol– MMP Inactivator
    • Hibiscus – Anti-Inflammatory & Brightener
    • Retinol Palmitate– Anti-Age & Pigmentation
    • Aloe Vera – Anti-Inflammatory
  • Benefits

    • Reduce Hyper-Pigmentation
    • Reduce Sun Spots
    • Reduce Melasma and Chloasma,
    • Stimulate new Collagen and Elastin
    • Reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles,
    • Scar Repair and Wound Repairing,
  • Directions

    • Squeeze a small amount onto dry hands after exfoliation
    • Massage product over face, neck and decollate until fully absorbed
    • Continue with moisturizing
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