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NIVU Introduction Kit

NIVU Introduction Kit


Nivu emerge as the true artisans, crafting a harmonious blend of beauty and sustainability. Botanical treasures, sourced from the lap of nature, not only nurture the skin but also form a gentle pact with the environment.


Nivu is the celebration of purity, drawing its strength from the rich tapestry of botanicals. Extracts from flowers, herbs, and plants offer a spectrum of vitamins, antioxidants, and essential nutrients. Each drop is a testimony to the innate beauty found in the heart of nature's palette.


Organic farming methods eschew harmful pesticides, promoting biodiversity and soil health. It's a harmonious alliance where skincare not only enhances beauty but also treads lightly on the Earth. From the soothing embrace of aloe vera to the rejuvenating power of rosehip oil, each ingredient tells a story of natural efficacy, a timeless narrative whispered by the earth.




Cruelty-free practices, recyclable packaging, and a commitment to eco-friendly production weave a narrative of responsible beauty. Choosing botanical goodness becomes a conscious stride toward a more sustainable and beautiful world.


Nivu exists to simplify skin care, stripping bare your daily routine to the essentials that naturally nourish and nurture the skin.


Your Kit Includes:

3 x Pure Lotus Cleanser

3x Halo Tea Essence

3x Jojo Kahai Oil

3x HA Beads Serum

3x Age Elixir

3x Tonic ELixir

3x Apple Marine Scrub/mask

3x CoEnzo Moisturiser

3x AOX Feric Serum


Free Value

3x Sample Packs

( $87.30 Free Value )


You then will sell it 100% mark-up

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