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meet the LURINDA


With over 17 years of experience in the beauty industry, she graduated with a degree in Somatology. Her graduate degree studies included some in-depth understanding into the human anatomy and physiology, science and chemistry as well as every aspect in the wellness industry such as reflexology, aromatherapy, reiki and so much more.

Lurinda began her career as an aesthetician and then went on to become a spa manager and medical sales representative. She established herself in the aesthetics industry as a pioneer leader for advance technologies and clinical aesthetics.

A great highlight of her career is she worked with Dr. Des Fernandes and opened a Dermatology practice in Abha, Saudi Arabia and trained international doctors on laser machines and clinical aesthetics

She fell in love with cosmetic science during here studies and always dreamed of having her own brand one day. She then started her own business at the age of 24 and created her first successful medical skincare brand in South Africa, called Derca Range Cosmetics, which today is still very successful.

Lurinda won three major International awards for the recognition of cosmetic development in science and brand creation, and leading a top skincare brand in South Africa, hoping she would one day do the same for Canada.

 Lurinda has a huge passion for aesthetics and medical skincare. She immigrated to Nova Scotia from Cape town, South Africa in 2019.  She had taken the role as lead educator and is serving on the clinical committee, and board member for the Cosmetology Association of Nova Scotia

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